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Sailing in a sea of Rum

AAA. looking for pirates, freebooters, vessel captains and nostalgics of the Caribbean charm to taste our jewels with amber and warm colors, with an enveloping smell and able to bring to mind exotic and adventurous scenarios.

Ac.Ciuga Giovane Rumeria is a meeting place where you can taste rums from all over the world with a clear prevalence of Caribbean, a choice of over 80 labels. You can enjoy your favorite rum or try comparative tastings with pieces of chocolate in combination

To enhance the experience you will find a small library with dedicated texts and trained staff who will know how to intrigue you with stories and anecdotes. There will also be aperitifs and drinks, from the classic Aperol Spritz to Gin tonic with your favorite botanicals, Also every Friday a selection of jazz songs, broadcast with audiophile system, will keep you company while calmly, you can explore this wonderful world

Ac.Ciuga, why?

The name is a gallant tribute to our boat of 1932. Small and bad, Ac.Ciuga has jealously guarded in his galley most of the rum that you will find on paper.

Wear your best bandana, dust the black bandage, polish hooks and wooden legs and get ready to spend the evening with the wind in the stern. The compass indicates a Caribbean night warmed by the sweet and seductive smell of rum

Ac.ciuga is the only rumor of the coast: sailors, set sail for our precious treasures to be tasted in elegant glass chests.

Historical outboard

And if the smell of cigars and the strong taste of rum has stranded you in a sweet warmth ... roll of drums ... we refresh your memory with some curiosity about the oldest distillate in the world.

Bespoke. Slave liquor. Demonic. Warm and terrible. Good only to be used as a base for other cocktails. Useful for storing corpses. Outlawed. Friend of the last, the rebels and the bad guys. Rum has always been an outsider among alcoholic beverages.
Born in the East, rum was born as an alcoholic distillate of sugar cane and was immediately used to load and instill courage in soldiers about to fight.

In the 17th century, the Dutch perfected the formula to sell it to all the colonies that had been able to read the charm contained in this bewitching liqueur, going through periods of prohibition, events of glory and falls to the underworld, until the rum was taken to the alcohol market.

The true essence of rum

And yet, if you unseal the bottle and hoist the glass, in the warm tones of rum you will read a poem, a hymn of joy to recreation, a declaration of love to the most primordial and true instinct of life: having fun, a full and heartfelt ode in which to take refuge from the storm.

Sea wolves, mooring the vessels towards our tastings of selected rum, in our cove you will circumnavigate among unobtainable goodies, great classics and some novelties

And that the wind is always favorable for you.

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